UP FHS Doctoral School of Health Sciences


PhD Candidate positions may open up during the semester UP FHS Doctoral School of Health Sciences announces the supplementary application procedure for PhD study programme


Name of the Programme: Doctoral School of Health Sciences

Name of the Faculty: Faculty of Health Sciences

Degree: PhD

Duration of training: 2+2 years

Language of instruction: Hungarian and English

Programme Director: Prof. József BÓDIS MD, PhD, D.Sc.

university professor
rector of the University of Pécs
doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences


Description of the programme:

Foreign students may only attend UP FHS Doctoral School of Health Sciences as a part-time PhD candidate.

Basic data of the Doctoral School is available on the website of the National Doctoral Committee (http://www.doktori.hu/index.php?menuid=191&lang=EN&di_ID=124), detailed informations are available on the website http://ltsp.etk.pte.hu/portal/wp/doktoriiskola/


Admission: Master’s degree (MSc) in a relevant field and agreement for co-operation between the doctoral candidate and the supervisor


Application procedure:

Application form can be obtained from the Secretary of the Doctoral School and also from our website. Students need to attach the following documents as well:

Curriculum Vitae (with details of professional activity)

Preliminary research proposal (2-3 pages long)

Official copies of Degree Certificate plus certified translation in Hungarian

Two letters of recommendation

List of Publications (if any)

Application form


Programme structure:

Frontiers of Health Sciences, Cardiovascular Health Sciences, Treatment of Locomotive Disorders, Perinatal Health Sciences, Human Reproduction, Oncology - Health Sciences, Sport and Health Sciences, Food Sciences, Nutrition, Dietetics and Hydration.



Graduation requirements: Students must collect 240 credits from different modules, and fulfil the publication requirements covering the area of dissertation, pass the Doctoral Examination, prepare the PhD dissertation and defend it.


Application: 1 March – 31 May 2016

Proposed date of entrance exam: 13-24 June 2016

Date of decision of acceptance: 15 July 2016

Number of accepted students: 3


For information on tuition fee and other issues, please contact:


Prof. Dr. Endre SULYOK MD., Ph.D, DSc

Title: professor emeritus

University of Pécs

Faculty of Health Sciences

Doctoral School of Health Sciences

Hungary - 7621 Pécs, Vörösmarty u. 4.

Phone +36 (72) 513-678

E-mail: doktoriiskola@etk.pte.hu

Web site: http://ltsp.etk.pte.hu/portal/wp/doktoriiskola/


Doktoral School director: PhD office director: Office contact:
Prof. Dr. József BÓDIS Prof. Dr. Endre SULYOK PTE Egészségtudományi Kar PhD Iroda
professor, rector professor emeritus 7621 Pécs, Vörösmarty st. 4.
Doctor of Science (DSc) Doctor of Science (DSc) Phone: +36/72/513-670/690 extension
E-mail: doktoriiskola@etk.pte.hu